Friday, 9 November 2012

18 Destroy The Prison Planet!

"Lamia, where are you? Keep on communicating!"

Episode 18: Destroy The Prison Planet!
UK Video:
US Video: Volume 6: Lost in Space
DVD: Star Fleet - The Complete Series - Disc 3

X-Bomber searches in space for Lamia. Kirara tampers with X-Bomber's controls and has to be tranquillised again. The Imperial Master dispatched Commander Makara & Captain Orion to the Collusion Star Cluster to decimate the planet Carillion. Lamia trapped in the Ice Planet prison struggles to contact Captain Halley telepathically. The pilots suggest searching for Lamia in the Dai-X fighters to cover a wider area. Halley reports he has heard from Lamia and has traced her to the glacial planet. X-Bomber sets off for the planet but their course is detected by the Alliance Battlecruiser which changes course to intercept. As X-Bomber nears the Allurian star cluster Kirara awakes, calmed knowing that Lamia is near. X-Bomber remains in orbit round the Glacial Planet while the pilots fly the Dai-X fighters to the surface to rescue Lamia. However as they near the prison they come under heavy attack from ground based defences. X-Bomber detects the Battlecruiser approaching and warns the fighters so they unite the Dai-X robot and destroy the ground defences. They locate the prison and enter in spacesuits, freeing Lamia from the chamber holding her. As they leave quakes start to rock the planet which they deduce is a nuclear reaction caused by their attack. X-Bomber moves to a wider orbit to avoid damage as the pilots carry Lamia to the Dai-X. The Alliance detect Dai-X launching but are caught in the blast as the nuclear explosion goes off, damaging the ship and destroying the planet. Lamia is taken to X-Bomber's sickbay to begin her recovery.

The second half of this episode is just what the series needed at this minute, a good bit of action. *Finally* we get the Dai-X robot back for only its third appearance (episodes 4 & 11) so far in the series! For something that appears every episode on the end titles it's absent for a huge portion of the series. However this is the start of it's real starring role in the series and it's in all bar two of the remaining episodes. Yes the battle is essentially a rerun of the one in episode 4 on Jupiter, even down to the same two special weapons being used but so what? Sometimes a big red robot smashing things is just what you need!

Note that the pilots are wearing spacesuits on the surface of the glacial planet.... but Lamia isn't when they bring her outside. Can she now breath other atmospheres? We also get to here the Asteroid theme from episode 4 again.

Missing from all UK compilations due to the elimination of the Lamia kidnapped plot this is the final episode on the US video Volume 6: Lost in Space.

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